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Formerly homeless, recently graduated nerd. I'm out of the retail world and off to save the world one trouble teenager at a time. I like to talk about a lot of things, from comics, movies, tv, to my large and insane family.

Bringing another social worker on a potentially unsafe home visit with you:



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The U.S. government

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I hate when people message you with just ‘hey’

Like, where am I supposed to go with that?  What do you want?  What is your reason for initiating conversation with me?  Will you get mad if I respond with ‘IS FOR HORSE AND NOT FOR ME?’

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You aren’t doing your homework right if you don’t spend a couple hours screaming and swearing at your computer screen because your professor is a moron. 

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why is this so hard for people to understand

For interns at nonprofits, don’t expect a paycheck | Al Jazeera America


Perlin argues that unpaid internships perpetuate the very inequalities many nonprofits seek to rectify. “In their outward focus on doing good in the world, many nonprofits are losing sight of their own practices — and the old idea that charity begins at home,” he says. “The nonprofit sector risks being discredited as a reliable and representative voice if it lacks diversity. And requiring people to work unpaid to get into the field clearly has negative effects on diversity.”

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when you are doing a group activity in class and your teacher puts the smart kid in your group


When you are doing a group activity in class and you’re the smart kid.


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All those in favor of waking [Tex] up and letting her kill us, say “I”.

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Let’s play out the scenario for the one in millions chance that someone in the presence of someone who wants to assault her is wearing the nail polish, coyly gets her finger into the drink, and spots the color change. Then what? How does it end? If this person is willing to go to such lengths to harm her, they won’t be phased by her setting her drink down. So let’s say she gets away or finds help. Does she call the police to report the activity of her fingernails? What happens when the next person this predator wants to harm opts for her favorite OPI shade that weekend?

How does it end?

It doesn’t; not with nail polish, anyway.

(…)This product does nothing to dismantle a culture of violence against women that demands we constantly become ever more vigilant against those who would do us harm. Undercover Colors, like so many other products, treats rape as an individual incident rather than a systemic and pervasive problem. Despite the never ending stream of prevention products, the statistics haven’t improved.


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party time


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Pittsburgh Penguins ⇒ nicknames


d e a d



Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue

This. THIS.